Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Samsung GS3 ads flaunt great sharing features - if all your friends have GS3s, that is

Late last year, Samsung went into attack mode on the iPhone 4S (and not patent attack mode, either) with a series of commercials called "The Next Big Thing is Already Here," and focusing on the Galaxy S II.

This year, with the Galaxy S III launch, Samsung is back with new ads. The name of the campaign has changed slightly, removing the word "already" and making it now read "The Next Big Thing is Here." Rather than picking on Apple, its iPhone 4S, or the goofiness of iPhone fanboys, the new ads focus on the ability of the latest Samsung Android superphone to easily share content.

"Focus" is an appropriate term to use for the first of the ads, as the one-minute long "Share Shot" (below) shows how users can take a picture with the GS3, then instantly share it to others with the device's All Share feature.

Naturally, it's a feature only available on Galaxy S III smartphones. As with the much-ballyhooed FaceTime on iPhones, it doesn't do much good unless all your friends have GS3s (we can see an obvious spoof of this showing one friend with, say, a Motorola RAZR Maxx SOL in terms of sharing - or folks could use something device-agnostic like Instagram or Dropbox).

In a second ad, called AllShare Play, Samsung shows how users can share media files without a dongle. "Does anyone have a dongle?" is humorously asked around a table while an exec looks on, annoyed.

The final ad, called AllShare Group Cast, shows people in a hospital fighting over a smartphone in an attempt to see a new baby's picture ("Let Grandma see it"). Meanwhile, a group who all has GS3 can share their new baby's image with All Share.

The ads are funny, but don't show how difficult AllShare can be to set up. Still, that truth doesn't detract from the fact that the GS3 is currently the smartest smartphone out there, and a solid rival to the upcoming iPhone 5, which should, by the way, get a similar feature when it launches with iOS 6.

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