Sunday, July 08, 2012

iPad mini to be built by Foxconn Brazil, production to ramp in September

Rumors about a 7.85-inch iPad mini continue to swirl. While many believe it's a done deal that will likely put extreme pressure on the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire 2, along with other smallish Android tablets, these are still just rumors that have been floating since the first iPad was launched.

The latest rumor involves the location that will build the iPad mini. While most would probably assume it would be built in China, in a Foxconn plant, it might be that you have the company right, but the geographic region wrong.

Tech blog Macotakara claims that a reliable source in China (not Brazil) has told it that the iPad mini will be produced in Brazil, with Foxconn ramping up production beginning in September. It makes sense; there is not an unlimited supply of bandwidth at Foxconn's Chinese plants.

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Multiple reports have pointed to an iPad mini being released by Apple later this year, despite former CEO Steve Jobs earlier statements that any tablet with a sub-10-inch screen was "DOA." Details are sketchy, but the latest report on the device, from Bloomberg, pointed to an October launch for the device, a timeframe similar to other reports.

Most believe the device will have a non-retina display with 3G capability in some versions. One source that claims to have seen a prototype said that the device will be thinner than its rivals.

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