Wednesday, July 11, 2012

He's sold: Steve Wozniak really wants to own a Microsoft Surface tablet

Despite being one of Apple's co-founders, Steve Wozniak has always been "fair" to Apple's competitors, giving honest and non-fanboyish "reviews" of them, in addition to being honest about his opinions on Apple products. Thus, the tech giant waxed eloquently on Google Glass, Microsoft Surface tablets, and even Kim Dotcom at the recent Entel Summit in Chile.

Woz's comments were recently uploaded to YouTube but only uncovered by the media on Monday. With regard to Kit Dotcom and the MegaUpload takedown, Wozniak said,

"Kim Dotcom was so successful, and he was well known for his flagrance, and his sports cars, and his racing cars, and his style of life, that he was made an easy target. ... He was the biggest in the world, and they swamped in on him."

It's not the first time Wozniak has backed Dotcom since his arrest. Earlier, in a phone interview, Wozniak said, "It's just kind of ridiculous what they did to his life. An awful lot of Kiwis support him. The U.S. government is on thin ground."

He also expressed his interest in the Microsoft Surface tablet that the Redmond, Wa.-based company introduced earlier.

He said, "I do see a lot of stuff coming out from Microsoft in the consumer arena. A lot of people like to say that Microsoft’s had no successes in the last so many years, but the Xbox is a success, and certainly Kinect. ... I do want to see the Surface; I want to use one; I want to own one."

Wozniak then added something we've noticed as well: Microsoft seems to be remaking itself, after falling far behind both Google and Apple in mobile. "I'm glad that Microsoft [is] starting to show that maybe they're a different company than before. I don't remember this sort of thing happening in a long, long time from Microsoft."

He's also been impressed by Google's Project Glass. He said, “Google Glass is maybe the thing, but I don’t want to comment on that because I don’t have Google Glass. I would love to be able to have Google Glass and just talk to it any time I want and ask valuable questions and get those answers, that would be good too.”

While Google said earlier that only attendees at Google I/O 2012 would be able to order one of the Google Glass prototypes the company said would ship early in 2013, we have a feeling they will make an exception for Steve, if he reaches out to the right people. While loving his iPhones, he also loves Android, and is usually one of the first ones to pick up a new hot Android device.

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