Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazon Appstore's Free App of the Day, 7/23/2012: Front Runner has promised to make a paid app free every day in the Amazon Appstore, and today's app is Front Runner.

Front Runner is priced at $0.99 in Google Play, and is normally priced at $0.99 in the Amazon Appstore. As we've noted before, there are sometimes differences in pricing and availability between the two marketplaces.

Front Runner is described as follows:
It's a Cool Galaxy Out There

Between the Front Runner and eternal space-clarinet bliss stands an army of bullying aliens that don't quite seem to grasp the higher concepts of Ultra-Improv! This cool gaming app for your Android device features a multitude of baddies, catchy tunes, and eye-catching graphics.

Navigate your front runner ship back and forth as you cruise through space, while continuously shooting anything that crosses your path. When you destroy enemies, they produce lost musical notes. Make sure to collect the notes as you can use them later to purchase all sorts of power-ups and upgrade your ship. Acquire gun speed and power, ship defense and speed, and special weapons like missiles and lightning.

Hunt down Red Ivan, zap the Electric Twins, beat Dizzy and free Daisy. Outsmart the three Front Runner villains and unlock their special weapons. Red Ivan has terrorized the galaxy too long. He must be stopped once and for all!
Front Runner is rated 4.7 stars in Google Play and at 2.6 stars in the Amazon Appstore.

Permissions, including broadcasting of sticky intents, hammered the app in the Amazon Appstore. With only 11 reviews in the Amazon Appstore, and six in Google Play, it's hard to judge this one.

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In addition, there is a version of Front Runner in the iOS App Store. There it is priced at $2.99; it has not received enough ratings for listing purposes.

Again, not enough ratings to make a call, so we'd pass on this one.

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Those who are considering "buying" a Free Amazon Appstore app might want to consider what it means to developers. opened up the Appstore despite a lawsuit by Apple, which has previously trademarked the term "App Store." Microsoft has filed an appeal against that trademark, saying the term is too generic. has responded to the lawsuit in the same manner.

Update: Are they running out of apps? Front Runner was the Free App of the Day for July 24, as well.

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