Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alleged engineering sample images show off the iPhone 5, iPad mini

Photos of alleged engineering samples for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini have surfaced, showing off both size and features for the rumored, but expected iDevices.

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GottaBeMobile posted two different reports today, one for each of the iDevices. The site said that the images of the engineering samples come from "a trusted source inside the Apple supply chain."

The iPad mini report is here, while the iPhone 5 report is here.

The images of the devices seem to confirm features and speculation that we have been discussing for months. The iPad mini can be seen here (1, 2 and in the image above), while the iPhone 5 can be seen here and in the image above.

Among the features which seem confirmed by these photos is the smaller 19-pin dock connector rumored coming in the iPhone 5, shown in one of the iPad mini photos.

The iPhone 5 engineering sample image shows the iPhone 5 being stretched, so that Apple can increase the screen's diagonal dimension to 4-inches without increasing its width.

While the pictures of the engineering samples seem to confirm a) the existence of an iPad mini, b) the rumored change in the dock connector, c) the rumored screen size change in the iPhone 5, they can't show other rumored features in either device.

Among the still unconfirmed iPad mini rumors are:
  • 7.85-inch display, 1024×768 resolution (not retina, but instead matching the resolution of the original iPad and iPad 2).
  • IZGO display from Sharp
  • $299 price point with 16GB of internal storage
  • October release, alongside the iPhone 5
Among the still unconfirmed iPhone 5 rumors are:
  • LTE support
  • improved front-facing camera
  • quad-core A6 processor
  • a metal back instead of the glass one that Apple used on the iPhone 4 and 4Sa
  • thicker design to incorporate a larger battery
  • possibly thinner design, using the stretched design to maintain current battery specs
  • NFC support
  • October release 
Realistically, even the rumors that seem confirmed, such as the dock connector, which would obviously appear in both the iPad mini and the iPhone 5, if at all, are still really unconfirmed, since the photos themselves remain unverified.

Still, these photos seem in sync with other leaked part images, and for that reason, they seem pretty convincing. Naturally, we won't know anything for sure until - and if - both devices launch later this year.

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