Monday, June 04, 2012

Justin Bieber joins VIDDY; number of followers skyrockets

Superstar Justin Bieber has joined Viddy, the iOS video sharing app that has seen a number of celebrities, musical or not, join its ranks. Celebrities such as Bieber, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Linkin Park and Bill Cosby have joined Viddy to share videos, similar to how Instagram is used to share pictures.

Some, like Linkin Park, Mindless Behavior, and more don't just join Viddy: they team with Viddy and release "Production Packs" that can be purchased in-app, allowing a user to create videos using media customizations provided by the celebrity.

Bieber hasn't gone that far yet, but he has joined the service, which some believe could become the Instagram of video sharing. Considering his roots in YouTube, it's a very appropriate service for him to join.

The announcement came during Justin Bieber’s European promo tour, which is in support of his "Believe" album, which will be released on June 19. There have been some unexpected events during the tour, though, including a near riot at a free Oslo, Norway concert, and Bieber walking into a glass wall and suffering a concussion.

Bieber's Viddy profile can be found here, and includes a video that shows the "results" of the glass wall incident (he said he can't move his eyebrow). Meanwhile, this "After the Show" video was apparently taken by "The Biebs" holding the iPhone himself.

While not a following of Twitter-esque proportions yet, Bieber has 94,300 followers at the time of this writing, and rapidly climbing. He had only 93,800 when we started this article.

Viddy is a mobile social video application. Users can record, customize and share 15-second video clips using visual effects bundled into one-click production packages. Special effects include graphics, color correction and audio tracks.

Sadly, only available on iOS, the company says it is coming to the Android platform, as well, but much like with Instagram, it seems to be taking a very long time to reach Google's mobile OS.

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