Friday, June 08, 2012

'Orvillecopter' could calm Fox News' fears over EPA drones: Stewart

A "piece" of technology that has gone viral on YouTube has earned the attention of "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart, who sees it as a replacement for EPA spy drones being used in the Midwest.

At issue are EPA spy drones that are flying over the Midwest. These have been used for years, to check on whether or not farmers are following the law in terms of livestock waste disposal and other land management requirements. Fox News, however, sees it as a good way to panic the populace, stretching the truth as usual (or lying, if one wants to be less kind).

Fox’s Megyn Kelly and Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney discussed it, and made the following hyperbolic statement: "These are the same drones we use to track down al-Quaeda terrorists, flying over Nebraska and Iowa,” said Kelly.

Perhaps they would be if they included Hellfire missiles, as Stewart noted. However, they do not. He said, “Those aren’t the same drones. Unless the EPA has Hellfire missiles on their drones. They don't; it’s not the same thing.”

Considering Fox News' statement, an obvious attempt to unfairly criticize the administration, Stewart thought there should be some changes made to the EPA's drone flights. Cute the flights up, so that the obvious faux danger to the U.S. public would be known.

To do so, the EPA could, Stewart said, put a less intimidating face on the drone flights. He felt that this could be done by enlisting the aid of Dutch artist Bart Jansen's latest project. We could, Stewart felt, turn the EPA's drones into a "cat copter."

Many people, especially hobbyists, know what a quadricopter is. It's a helicopter with four propellers, and there are many hobby model versions of it. In this case, the quadricopter in question is - a dead cat.

Fortunately, the cat in question, Orville, has been sent to a taxidermist. Orville was, in fact, the beloved pet of Dutch artist Bart Jansen, and died after being hit by a car. He debuted for the public at the KunstRai ArtFair in Amsterdam, which ended Sunday.

A YouTube video of the "Orvillecopter" has gone viral, and Stewart included clips in his segment.

Jansen called the Orvillecopter half cat and half machine, and said that he was named for Orville Wright (even before he received his "wings").

You can view Stewart's segment below.

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