Saturday, June 02, 2012

Leaked iPhone 5 front panel seems to confirm elongated screen [VIDEO]

We're closing in on the 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, June 11-15 in San Francisco, and although most believe there will not be an iPhone 5 announcement there, the iPhone 5 rumors continue to run wild - coincidentally or not. Many of them are centered around a new 4-inch (or 3.999-inch) screen (including a 16:9 new aspect ratio) and a new dock connector.

The latest "leak" comes from the Japanese site Macotakara. Notably, the site has a mixed record in terms of Apple rumors, but really, with Apple's secrecy, so does everyone. In this case, the site claims to have sourced a four-inch long front panel for the iPhone 5 (or the "new iPhone," as Apple might call it).

Naturally, there's no way to be absolutely sure, but the rash of 4-inch screen rumors - and they've been going on for months - seems to point to the new screen being reality, whether or not the front panel in and of itself is reality.

Macotakara took the front panel and compared it to the iPhone 4S. The front panel measures 4.07-inches diagonally, and is elongated, suggesting the rumored 16:9 aspect ratio (currently, the iPhone has a 3:2 aspect ratio). It's expected the change will affect at least some apps.

The front panel is large enough, as the video below shows, so that the FaceTime camera sticks up above the top of the current model. In addition, the FaceTime camera aperture appears to be placed above the earpiece, rather than to the left of it as in the iPhone 4S. That changed location would be consistent with a schematic that appeared online on Wednesday.

These are still rumors, and can't be vetted. However, both the Wall Street Journal and Reuters say they have information about a larger iPhone 5 screen.

Additionally, evidence has pointed to a small dock connector. While it's unclear how small "smaller" means, rumors say that the new iPhone might even carry a micro USB port. The reduction in size would allow Apple to add internal components without increasing the size of the device.

Furthermore, many regions and countries have already standardized on the micro USB connector to eliminate the proliferation of different chargers and cables; we've opened wondered why Apple hadn't made some sort of moves in this direction before (although the company's sheer ubiquity possibly has something to do with it).

Watch the Macotakara front panel video below.

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