Sunday, June 24, 2012

HTC's faux dog translation app confuses the Internet

HTC is struggling, but it still has a sense of humor. On Friday, the same day it was revealed that HTC was exiting the burgeoning Brazilian market, the company announced a secret project: a dog translator.

Notably, Bowlingual (among others) has had a "dog translator" for some time. This, of course, was what seemed to be something akin to Siri ... or perhaps Sirius, the Dog Star.

There was some speculation that perhaps HTC was pushing this joke onto Facebook because they were actually working on a Siri clone. After all, Samsung's Galaxy S III features S Voice, which was developed along with Vlingo, and which duplicates Siri functionality right down to how poorly it works.

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However, the company came back later and confirmed that it was not working on a voice control system for its devices, animal-based or otherwise. It was just an homage to what the company noted was an animal-focused "pets week."

The joke came on the same day that HTC confirmed it was leaving the Brazilian market. While that market is increasing in importance, HTC had been unable to make any inroads. According to StatCounter, it had about 0.11 percent of Brazilian market share.

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