Friday, June 29, 2012

Google's Chrome rises to the top of the App Store's free app list, one day in

Naturally, Apple thinks its mobile Safari browser is primo, which makes the following news somewhat humorous: after releasing its Chrome browser to iOS on Thursday, Google has already seen it rise to the top of the App Store free apps list.

It was interesting enough that Apple would let the Chrome browser into the App Store, as it has previously blocked apps that it felt duplicated native functionality. Of course, there was little way Apple could have blocked Chrome, since it has let other Web browsers into the App Store, previously.

Considering the hate that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs felt over Android, it was always a possibility in the back of our mind, anyway.

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Chrome has a large positive following among users. There are 4,707 ratings in the App Store at the time of this writing, and 3,689 are five-star ratings.

The app is far more popular than its Android counterpart, but that's inevitable. After all, Chrome on Android requires Ice Cream Sandwich. That amounts to only about 7 percent of the Android population.

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