Thursday, June 21, 2012

Atari unleashes the Centipede: Origins on your iOS and Android devices

Atari has unleashed a pesticide-sized spray bottle full of nostalgia. On Thursday, the company released Centipede: Origins, and updated homage to the classic arcade, PC, and video gaming system game.

Centipede: Origins is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store for $0.99 with along with in-game purchases.

As opposed to the somewhat pixelated blob at the bottom of the original screen, which shot at swarms of insects, clearing the level when a player eliminated all the segments of the centipede, you now control a lawn gnome.

You've got modernized weapons such as grenades at your disposal. Coins can be used to upgrade your weapons, and those can be acquired either by an in-game purchase or through gameplay.

Here's how the game is described, on both iOS and Android.
Evil, plant-munching vermin are swarming into your precious garden and rapidly destroying everything!

You, a peace-loving gnome, have no choice than to wage an all-out war against these vile creepy crawlies.

Using extreme weapons and gadgets, protect your garden from the ambush of vicious bugs and the dreaded CENTIPEDE.

Who will survive: GNOMES or BUGS?! YOU DECIDE!

  • 3 upgradeable weapons that will lay waste to the onslaught of bugs and centipedes! Use the grenades, rapid fire and others to eliminate the insects! More to be included soon!
  • 3 upgradable gadgets such as the Fly Trap, the Time Warp and others to give you the upper hand in your battle with the bugs and centipedes! More to come soon!
  • Collect coins to buy upgrades and help you protect the world of the gnomes!
  • 4 playable levels including Bumpkinpatch Gardens, Bumpkinpatch Aerial, Tarpit Excavation, Valley of Flowers and others that can be purchased as you progress through the game!
Although it is in both the App Store and Google Play, this is only the second release from Atari to reach Google's marketplace.

Watch a trailer video below.

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