Monday, June 04, 2012

Amazon Appstore's Free App of the Day, 6/4/2012: Icon Calendar has promised to make a paid app free every day in the Amazon Appstore, and today's app is Icon Calendar.

Icon Calendar is priced at $1.56 in Google Play; it is normally priced at $1.56 in the Amazon Appstore. As we've noted before, there are sometimes differences in pricing between the two marketplaces.

Icon Calendar is described as follows:
Beautify Your Schedule

Icon Calendar is a pretty calendar that allows you to add icons to each date. Add up to five icons with notes for each day of the month.

We Want Icons

Icon Calendar has an extensive collection of cute icons. Decorate your calendar with hearts, ice cream cones, stars, snowmen, or whatever icon catches your fancy. With these cute icons, you can instantly recognize the events on your calendar.

Icon Calendar is very easy to use. Just press the Add button (the dog and plus button) and select the specific date where you want the icon displayed. Tap the screen under the selected date, and a keyboard is displayed. Now you can save a note for that date.

More Features

Icon Calendar also features password protection, color customization, and an option to backup to the SD card. Let Icon Calendar make your appointments and scheduling fun and cheery.
Icon Calendar is rated at 4.7 stars in Google Play. It is rated at 2.2 stars in the Amazon Appstore.

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Icon Calendar's 4.7 star rating in Google Play comes with only six ratings. There is a free, ad-supported version that was rated at 4.1 stars with 114 ratings.

Why, then, the big difference between Google Play and the Amazon Appstore? That is always "a very good question." With only 19 ratings, the one-star spoof ratings do hurt, but there are seven two-star and seven one-star ratings, so the negativity is even distributed.

Ultimately, the verdict is that the app is cute, strange, and nothing an adult would use, which explains the low ratings. In effect, we shouldn't ask why the Amazon Appstore rating is so low, but rather, why the Google Play rating is so high.

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Those who are considering "buying" a Free Amazon Appstore app might want to consider what it means to developers. opened up the Appstore despite a lawsuit by Apple, which has previously trademarked the term "App Store." Microsoft has filed an appeal against that trademark, saying the term is too generic. has responded to the lawsuit in the same manner.

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