Thursday, May 31, 2012

Verizon's FIOS ups the ante, doubles down on top speed to 300Mbps

It's still no match for Google Fiber's 1Gbps spped, but it's better than anything else Americans living in places not named Kansas City can sign up for. On Wednesday, Verizon announced it is going to be offering double the current max for its FIOS broadband service, starting next month, starting in June.

Verizon's FIOS Internet has a current maximum speed of 150Mbps d/l, 35 Mbps upload, and the new top tier will be 300/65, double the download speed and close to double the upload speed.

Since cable tops out at 100Mbps in the U.S. (Virgin Media has achieved 200Mbps in the U.K.), Verizon is laughing heartily at cable companies.

Current speeds are (all in Mbps):
  • 150/35
  • 50/20
  • 35/35
  • 25/25
  • 15/5
The new speeds will be:
  • 300/65
  • 150/65
  • 75/35
  • 50/25
  • 15/5
There's no data cap on Verizon, so you can use as much as you want without concern. Unfortunately, Verizon FIOS coverage is also very sparse.

Verizon recognizes the multiplicity of Internet-using devices that are invading the homes of consumers. Today, it said, the average home has seven Internet-connected devices, but by 2015, the average home will have between nine and 15 Internet-connected devices.

All of those devices will be sucking your bandwidth dry. The bigger the overall "pipe," the better the end user experience will be.  In that, Verizon has it right.

One thing that Verizon didn't detail: the price. Pricing for the various tiers won't be announced until next month.

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