Monday, May 14, 2012

Siri gets educated by the mother ship, no longer claims Lumia 900 is best smartphone

Last week, it was noticed that when asked the question "What's the best smartphone ever?," Siri answered the Nokia Lumia 900. Apple, not one to miss news, has made changes to the results, and Siri no longer advertises another OEM's smartphone. - Take Control of Your Money
Siri had been asking computational engine Wolfram Alpha, a service Siri often queries, for the answer to that question. Wolfram Alpha's answer, the aforementioned Nokia Lumia 900, was based on "customer review average" across the Web.

Apple can, of course, fine tune these results, which come from its servers and not via data stored on the device. Now, if you ask Siri the same question, you'll get one of two answers: "The one you're holding" or "You're kidding, right?"

It would seem, therefore, that Siri is no longer querying for an answer, but instead using hard-coded answers back at the mother ship. Notably, since Apple used the answers it did, it won't have to change them when the iPhone 5 (or whatever) is launched.

Meanwhile, Wolfram Alpha continues to respond to the same question with its same answer: the Nokia Lumia 900, specifically, the cyan model.

For those who might be wondering what Siri says when asked what the best tablet is, Apple already has itself covered. Siri answers "The Apple iPad is the best. And that's not just my opinion."

Of course, you can only ask Siri of that on an iPhone 4S; the new iPad does not support Siri, nor do any other iDevices, at least for now.

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