Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Paulina Gretzky's new photo-sharing service for her racy images: Instagram

We have to speculate on how long it will be before Paulina Gretzky's Intagram account is deleted? The aspiring actress, singer, and model has never been shy about sharing racy photos of herself on the Internet, and what is currently the world's most popular way to share images, Instagram, is her new fave as well.

Last November, you might recall, Paulina Gretzky's father, the "Great One," hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, forced her to delete her Twitter account after she posted a series of racy images on that microblogging service. Eventually, she returned to Twitter, and those images have spread like wildfire across the Internet, anyway.

Of course, why waste all that extra time to share photos if you can leverage a service like Instagram? It's more cumbersome to share photos on Twitter. And that is precisely what Paulina Gretzky has begun doing, sharing bikini shots and more on Instagram.

Interestingly enough, the Vancouver Sun posted a story with the subtitle, "Shocking bikini shots creep up on Instagram." In addition to a gallery of shots of Paulina Gretzky, the site wrote - nothing. Wouldn't want want to gum up a story that should be focused on Gretzky's assets with any text, now would they?

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The Sun even went to the trouble of adding in the earlier Twitter shots. Oh, and it appears Paulina Gretzky is using Twitter for spreading "interesting photos" again, too.

Some of the racier photos have been taken off of her Instagram account. You can see the remaining ones here, though. And realistically, this is the Internet, Paulina. Anything you post is not going away, no matter what daddy Wayne says.

You can view a slideshow of Paulina Gretzky photos here.

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