Saturday, May 05, 2012

New service lets you surf the sites you regularly do, and earn real prizes

A new service has launched, as of Thursday, May 3, called ManiRewards. A product of Adiant, a digital media technology company, it gives users the opportunity to have a little fun, and earn some real prizes when they visit sites carrying the ManiRewards badge.

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How does it work? You find the Mani symbol around the web (symbol above). If you see a badge, you can then click on it, and earn Mani Points by doing so. Once you earn enough Mani points, you can exchange the points for "prizes" at the ManiRewards site and claim valuable prizes. Among the things you can trade your Mani Points for are gift cards, free products, discounts, magazine subscriptions, etc. etc.

According to the Mani FAQ, you will find Mani badges near articles, attached to ads, or even inside games. We have to wonder if they would be blocked by an ad blocking program, and in fact, we asked and were told that, depending on the site, the badge might be blocked.

Interestingly enough, the FAQ says that the site will ask for a cell phone number to prevent users from gaming the system with multiple accounts. However, a day later, we still haven't been asked for a cell phone number.

Assuming it does happen, MainRewards said that they will not spam end users with unwanted SMS messages. However they would offer end users the opportunity to opt-in to receive occasional special discount text message notifications.

The badge will be an "M" as in the image from their website, above. To be honest, we haven't seen a badge on the Internet yet. A helpful tip to the site: place a list of a few top-rated sites that carry a badge, so new users can see it in real-life.

To be honest, we're anxious to find one, just to see it.

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