Monday, May 28, 2012

Motorola shows off ICS and Blur together in demo videos

Except for the wi-fi only Xoom, we're still waiting for an Ice Cream Sandwich treat for Motorola devices. It's because UI skins (like Motorola's Blur) make things tough when it comes to a new Android version. However, thanks to an updated schedule from Motorola, we know the RAZR will get ICS before the end of Q2, and thanks to a series of company demo videos, we know how Blur and ICS look together.

Motorola, now a part of Google, chose to post the demos to their Japanese RAZR site. That makes sense for some of the videos, as they are in Japanese, but others are available in English, so it's strange that Motorola didn't post them to its U.S. site.

In terms of showing off features, if you have been lusting after Ice Cream Sandwich, you probably know about all or most of these already, though with customizations per device and OEM, it's always to see how the device manufacturer has chosen to implement the feature.

Motorola, for one, has a feature that no other OEM has, and that's Webtop. With Webtop, you can insert your smartphone in a Webtop dock and voila, it's like having your own laptop powered by your smartphone. This feature was introduced with the Atrix.

Another useful ICS addition is shown in the demo videos is the data usage feature. Considering the trend toward data tiers and all, the ability to monitor data use comes in handy. In ICS, you can monitor not just overall data use, but app by app data use, especially handy to discover who of your apps is more of a data hog than the others.

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Some other things that Motorola shows off in the video are taking screenshots, which with ICS, you can finally do from within the OS; changes to the lock and home screen; changes to adding widgets and shortcuts (which, to use, has been made more time-consuming with ICS) and a lot more.

Take a look at the full set of demo videos below. Remember that many of them are in Japanese.


Webtop 3.0

Lock and Home Screen



Facial Unlock


Buttons and Icons:


Dialer and Contacts

Shortcuts and Widgets:

More About Shortcuts and Widgets


Social Networking

Data Use

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