Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leaked iPhone 5 images show off larger screen size / new aspect ratio, smaller dock connector

More evidence has emerged for some of the recent iPhone 5 rumors, with images showing an elongated iPhone 5 back that is reportedly made of aluminum, and with the device sporting a smaller dock connector.

These aren't new rumors, but they have recently resurfaced. In particular, the rumor about the iPhone 5's larger 4-inch screen indicated that the device would have a new aspect ratio, which the new images seem to bear out.

A still earlier rumor indicated the iPhone and future iDevices would switch to a new, smaller dock connector, in order to give Apple more internal space for other, upgraded components. Apple would, it's assumed, provide an adapter for earlier cable connectors, but that wouldn't work well with any docks.

The first image, from 9to5Mac and IFixYouri shows what is an aluminum alloy back, larger speaker / microphone, and a smaller dock connector. The image comes from a source that IFixYouri says is "reliable," but it is possible that the back is for a prototype, rather than a production model.

The second image comes from MacRumors, and shows a similar image, but in white. Of course, it's possible the image was artificially stretched, but assuming it was not, it's easy to see the elongation and new aspect ratio in that image.

Finally, 9to5Mac received more images, showing black and white versions next to each other, and other front panel images, as well.

While, of course, none of these images have been vetted, and Apple's secrecy around its new products means that we won't know - until the iPhone 5 is introduced - what is fact and what is fiction, the Wall Street Journal has even thrown its own report at the larger screen rumor.

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We think the larger screen is a done deal. As most other OEMs have switched to larger and still larger screens, it's something that consumers have come to expect and want. As far as the dock connector, that rumor has been flying since last year, and we can also see it happening. Apple needs maximal space for its battery to allow it to ship an LTE device with decent battery life.

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