Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Misspelling in Mitt Romney's iOS App says he's working for 'Amercia'

No matter how you feel about GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney - or more likely, if you don't really care for him - get his new "With Mitt" now while it is still version 1.0. The app was released with a significant misspelling that has turned it into the object of ridicule, as evidenced by the App Store comments.

According to the app blurb,

"With Mitt lets you customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames, add personalized messages, and then share with your friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter."

The problem is that one of the frame options reveals that Mitt Romney is working for - wait for it - A Better Amercia. You read that right, "Amercia," not America.

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The app is available in the iOS App Store at version 1.0, which means it has not been patched yet. So - if you want something hilarious - download it now while you still can (it is, of course, free). Then, start making hilarious spoofs about Amercia and post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Naturally, we'd warn Mitt Romney that this is what happens when you outsource your app development (which is probably what he did, to Eastern Europe or China).  Of course, with a history at Bain Capital ...

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