Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'The Miami Zombie' attacker 'opens' a fake Twitter account

It's one thing to create a faux Twitter account for something like a missing "Bronx Zoo Cobra," as that could be said to be in good fun. It's something totally different to create a fake Twitter account for the so-called "Miami Zombie," an event which horrifically took place on Saturday.

The "Miami Zombie" is Rudy Eugene, 31, or at least was. He was shot and killed by police on Saturday afternoon, after attacking and chewing off about 75 percent of another man's face in what police believe was a drug-induced rampage.

Eugene was naked, at the time, and clearly in some sort of delirium. When approached by officers who commanded him to halt his actions, Eugene raised his head, with a piece of flesh still in his mouth, and simply growled in response.

The victim, still unidentified, has been alternately reported as being naked or half-naked at the time of the incident.

Eugene would not halt his actions, so police shot him. He did not halt his attack after one gunshot wound, so police were forced to shoot him several times. [Fans of the TV show and / or comic book series "The Walking Dead" might ask if a "head shot" was required to kill Eugene, but that is unknown.]

In addition to the Twitter account for the "The Miami Zombie," another Twitter user has posted a Tweet including an image that is purportedly of the crime scene. That image has not been confirmed by authorities as legitimate, but is available here (and NSFW).

Fake Twitter accounts mocking current events aren't uncommon. There was the aforementioned Bronx Zoo Cobra and even a rare Northwest grizzly. There was even a recently opened Holographic Tupac account after "he" showed up at Coachella 2012.

Those were not in poor taste, whereas this one seems to be.  At least not too many people appear to be "into" the account, as it had less than 200 followers as of Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the still unnamed victim was hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital with little else besides his goatee remaining. As of Monday, the victim remained in critical condition.

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