Thursday, May 03, 2012

Kate Upton video banned by YouTube, for non-existent nudity

A video of 19-year-old Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton has been banned from YouTube for violating the service's anti-nudity policy. The thing is, Kate Upton wasn't nude in the video.

She was bikini-clad in a tiny, tiny bikini, and thus pretty darn close to nude, particularly with her figure, but definitely not nude.

Upton was demonstrating how to do the "Cat Daddy," a dance created for hip-hop track of the same name by The Rej3ctz. After finishing her demo of the "moves," Upton concluded by saying “That's it; that's all you guys need?”

To be clear, YouTube restored the video on Wednesday, after removing it on Tuesday. However, in order to view the video now, you now have to be (or at claim to be) 18 to view it.

Watch the banned video, below.

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