Saturday, May 12, 2012

iPad mini priced from $200 - $250, coming in Oct.: report

There's more fuel being added to the iPad mini bonfire of rumors. iMore says that a reliable source (or at least, one that has been reliable in the past) says that Apple is "currently targeting" an October launch for a 7-inch iPad, which most have dubbed the "iPad mini."

The report follows an earlier report, one from just a few days ago. that said that Apple was planning a September launch for the iPhone 5 and an August launch for the iPad mini.

The new report cites a number of items that were previously rumored, not just the 7-inch screen size. The device, it said, would be priced in the $200-$250 range. That would put the iPad mini right in the price range of the Kindle Fire, which has been the only single Android tablet to make headway against the iPad.

Much of that headway was made because of the Kindle Fire's low $199 price. If Apple were to achieve this price range, it could pretty much kill any momentum that Android tablets have begun making, and the launch timeframe could also ensure that Windows 8 tablets launch similarly DOA.

Apple has begun attacking the lower end tablet market by keeping the wi-fi iPad 2 around and selling the device at a lower $399 price point.

The report goes further and says that the iPad mini would have the same specs as the "new iPad ," except that it would be downsized in terms of the screen size and storage as well, with only 8GB of storage.

Meanwhile, the iPad mini would still have the same 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, meaning it would have a retina display with a pixel density that would be the same as the iPhone 4S at about 326 ppi, and higher than the 264 ppi "new iPad."

Certainly, one could see a downsized and lower-priced iPad mini making a significant impact in schools.

Although it's hard to see them being able to reach a $200 price point with these sorts of specs, if anyone could do it, it would be Apple. Notably, though, the iPod touch with 8GB of storage costs $199.

How Apple could get the iPad mini down to that price is unclear.

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