Monday, May 07, 2012

Apple files claim to acquire the domain name

While it's unclear if the next-generation iPhone, the one following last October's iPhone 4S, will be called iPhone 5, new iPhone (like new iPad), or something else, Apple has been revealed to be seeking to gain ownership of the domain name, pointing to that being the name of the upcoming device.

Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization, seeking to gain control over the domain.   The claim was made earlier this week. currently hosts a set of discussion forums for the iPhone 5. The forum was launched in October 2010; earlier that year, Apple released the iPhone 4, and speculation was that the next phone, naturally, would be the iPhone 5.

With the release of the iPhone 4S, and with Apple seeking possession of the iPhone 5 domain, it would seem the die is cast for the next-gen iPhone's name. On the other hand, knowing Apple, this could all be just misdirection.

Misdirection might explain the early attempt by Apple to gain ownership of the domain name. In the past, Apple has been quite slow with regard to these sorts of moves. For example, Apple didn't take control of until almost a year after that device launched. Similarly, Apple didn't seek to take control of until several weeks after that device's launch.

While several weeks is a lot better than nearly a year, Apple had good reason to pursue quickly: the domain was being used to forward visitors to porn sites.

So, why would Apple take this pre-emptive measure? It's out of character for the company, and because of that, it doesn't necessarily mean that Apple is doing so now because it is moving again toward a summer release of its new iPhone.

It could, in fact be misdirection, with the new iPhone being called something different. With Apple, it's impossible to know.

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