Wednesday, May 02, 2012

11-year-old urinates on cart of thirty MacBooks, creates biohazard

An 11-year-old student has revealed some anti-Apple tendencies, although it's still unclear exactly why he did this: he urinated on about 30 MacBooks that had been left unattended at Upper Allen Township Elementary in Pennsylvania.

The police report indicated that both the computer cart the computers were sitting on and the laptops themselves were damaged "beyond repair" with the result being a loss of over $36,000.

Considering that two dozen laptops - along with a computer cart - have a lot of surface area, we're amazed that an 11-year-old could generate enough urine to ruin - completely ruin - all of them. Perhaps he was organized, and started the stream at the top so that it ran down - too much information, yes.

Indeed, Apple won't even try to repair these. They consider urine-drenched hardware as a "biohazard" (a quote from an AppleCare rep we spoke to). It's not the first such biohazard noted that isn't covered by Applecare, either. In 2009, it was noted that Apple even considers a computer that's been exposed to cigarette smoke a biohazard.

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Interestingly enough, urine is considered a sterile liquid, according to Wikipedia.

The police report was generated just a few days ago, so it's unclear what "judgment" will be levied on the student. He has been charged with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief, but he was not arrested.

There will be repercussions, though. His case has been forwarded to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

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