Friday, April 20, 2012

Stock buying via Facebook, and without broker fees: coming soon

It's obvious that Facebook wants you to never have to leave its service. That said, starting in June, not only will you be able to trade Facebook stock publicly (actually in mid-May), you will be able to trade the stock of other companies, directly from their Facebook pages, too.

It's technology from San Francisco-based company Loyal3, and was announced at Ad Age's Digital Conference Wednesday. Not only can it be used on Facebook, it can be used on the company's Web pages, as well.

What's most interesting is that you will able to buy in as little as $10 increments. In addition, and here's the kicker, there will be no broker fees involved. Loyal3 calls this program a Customer Stock Ownership Plan, or CSOP (“see-sop”).

Loyal3 director and former Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly said: "This is the next evolution of the 'like' button in a lot of ways."

CEO Barry Schneider said, "Ownership changes everything. People care more about things they own than things they don't."

Reportedly, the process is supposed to take no more than three mouse clicks. The company said it wanted to make it as easy as buying on We don't see a 1-click Buy button coming anytime soon, though.

What we can see is that companies like ShareBuilder will perhaps take a hit over this new service.

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