Monday, April 09, 2012

Not content with Facebook infamy, U.K. teen posts boast of sex film scandal on Twitter

A 14-year-old teenage boy already in trouble after posting a sexually explicit video of himself and a 14-year-old girl on Facebook decided that infamy on one social networking service want's enough. He took to Twitter to brag about his Facebook exploits.

The youth, unidentified because of his age, is from Gloucestershire in the U.K. Just after the story went public, he posted an image of himself posing with a copy of the Gloucestershire Citizen newspaper showing the headline "SCHOOL KIDS IN SEX VIDEO" to Twitter.

The parent who discovered the photo and forwarded it to This is Gloucestershire (TiG, the online version of the Citizen newspaper) was amazed, saying

"I find it hard to fathom that he was apparently allowed access to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site to brag about his newfound 'fame.'

"Sadly, it would appear that arrest and a police warning have done nothing to teach this young man a lesson."

According to TiG, the teen was "arrested in connection with making and distributing an indecent video and has been given a final warning by police, meaning the incident will remain on his record for the next six years." Meanwhile, the young girl involved was apparently not aware he was recording their activity, and definitely not aware that he was going to post anything to Facebook.

Although the teen managed to post his boast on Twitter and won't face any jail time or any real consequences, police are going to make sure he remembers that they're "watching." A police spokesperson said,

"Posts like this only make the situation worse for all involved and increases the distress of the girl and her family. Officers will be speaking to the boy and his father again to make sure he realises the consequences of his actions and that his Facebook activity is monitored."

At this point, based on his continuing activity, it doesn't seem as though he understands the consequences of his actions. One might say, in fact, that it seems like he thinks this is all just a big joke.

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