Wednesday, April 18, 2012

European carriers complain Nokia's Lumia WP handsets 'not good enough'

Nokia has just made its big splash re-entry into the U.S. market with the AT&T Lumia 900, but the firm's strength has always been Europe. Thus, it's a bad sign to see European carriers dissing the Windows Phone hardware - and software - produced by Nokia with its Lumia devices.

The basic overall response is that the Lumia devices are "not good enough."

Although the AT&T Lumia 900 is priced very attractively for a smartphone, at $99.99 on contract, critics among European carriers say the phones are overpriced for what they call a non-innovative product, that Nokia has not put enough marketing effort into the phones, and that glitches in the battery and software of the early models have hurt the Lumia image.

The high-profile Lumia 900 was released with a nasty data connectivity bug, for example.

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An executive in charge of mobile devices at one European carrier, which has sold the Lumia 710 and 800 since December, told Reuters the following: "No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone." In fact, he added, "If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell."

Earlier, Nokia said it would post losses for the first and second quarters, no matter how well Windows Phone sales went. With that, on Monday Moody's cut its credit rating for Nokia to one step above junk. Standard & Poor's made a similar downgrade in March.

A different device executive at a European carrier noted the challenges both Nokia and Microsoft face, and criticized the companies' promotional efforts so far.  "We can open our stores to them and train our staff to sell the phones, but that's it.

"Ultimately, Nokia and Windows are challengers and they either need to come to market with a really disruptive, innovative product or a huge marketing budget to create client demand. So far they have done neither."

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