Saturday, April 07, 2012

Humorous, imagined 'Texts from Hillary' turned into Internet meme

A pair of images of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been turned into a hilarious spoof site. Texts from Hillary. The first posts on the site were uploaded on Wednesday, April 4.

The site is the work of Washington, D.C. communications professionals Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith. It showcases Clinton in two images, one by Reuters photographer Kevin Lamarque, the other by Time photographer Diana Walker taken on a military C-17 plane in October 2011. She is shown using her Blackberry smartphone texting with various politicians, along with humorous imaginary text messages.

It's the latest Internet meme, and a hilarious one to boot. The site didn't require much planning, either. Lambe and Smith said that they thought the site up Wednesday night, over drinks, after watching the photos bounce around social networks that day.

Lambe said, "We quickly decided it should be turned into a meme (that the two of us would have a laugh about). The site is meant to be a compliment to Hillary. Hopefully, everyone gets that."

You can view a slideshow with a few images here, but naturally the full experience is on-site.

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