Thursday, April 12, 2012

Facebook ad campaign offers up model who 'Strips for Likes'

A new ad campaign launched by the Amsterdam branch of fashion brand Stüssy is getting both likes and dislikes, so to speak, on Facebook. The ad encourages likes by stating that the more users who like the ad, the more clothes will seemingly vanish off the model.

The ad is called the obvious: Strip for Likes.

In reality, according to the page, we don't have Stussy to blame - or credit - for this. The About section of the page says that the ad campaign is being run by marketing firm Marge X.

The model is basically shown wearing every item of men's clothing from Stussy's Spring / Summer 2012 line. Enough likes, and she'll disrobe.

The ad currently has over 9,000 likes, so it's attracting at least some favorable notice. It's also attracting quite a bit of negative feedback. The negative feedback isn't exclusive to women, either.

Neil Anblomi: if i want to see girls strip, i go to a strip bar, not facebook. kinda makes me feel like i'm watching porn on the disney channel. :/

K Lynn Klein: I don't really get ads that cater only to men. They are aware that females take up 51% of the worlds population, right? Just a thought...

Jakie Davis Bran: Being a straight female, I cant say this ad makes me want to buy anything from this company... at all. In fact, it makes me want to make sure I buy from someone who has absolutely nothing to do with them...

Jj Abraham: I guess this works if you want to attract perverts from all corners of the world to your company [...] I just think its a stupid, pathetic cop-out of an idea. Put some boobs out there, guys flock to them. Oldest trick in the book.

And then there were those stating the obvious for those Liking the ad.

Steve Hinckley: Just keep going. We want her completely nude =)

Finally, there were those dissing the model.

Michael Moody: might be worth it if she was decent looking


However, the ad might not be around long if someone decides to report the page, and if Facebook decides to do anything about it. Facebook’s promotional guidelines read, “You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.”

This isn't really a promotion, but it could cross the line just enough to incur Facebook's wrath. Either way, it's invoking both Likes from some and annoyance from others. 468x60 banner, image is updated by season.

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