Monday, April 23, 2012

DropBox adds easy file, folder sharing with custom URLs

Sharing your DropBox content just because as easy as pie, or as easy as sharing an URL (link), at least. The company has new functionality which allows users to share a folder or file simply by sharing a simple Web link.

There is a negative: there's no security yet. In other words, you can't password protect the content, meaning that anyone with the link has access to the file or folder.

The changes include a Get Link function when looking at your files (shown above). You right-click on the paperclip symbol to bring up the context menu, and then click on "Get link," and DropBox will create a custom URL for you.

The recipient of the link can then view the content located at the URL directly without having access to the rest of your Dropbox contents. There's no download required; they can they watch a video, view a photo, or read a document directly in the browser.

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Of course, while they don't HAVE to download the content, the people you share with CAN download the content, if they so desire.

The timing couldn't be better. Google is rumored to be launching its online storage service, dubbed Google Drive, soon, perhaps as soon as this week. Dropbox desktop, web, and mobile applications are all, or will all, be updated to support the new functionality.

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