Friday, April 27, 2012

Beautiful companions travel free via new 'matchmaking' site

It's been said that beautiful people have advantages in the business world, and now beautiful people have advantages when traveling, too. A new site called Miss Travel, which launched just this week gives those that are above average in terms of attractiveness quotient a chance to travel free, as the companion of those who are above average in terms of wealth.

If it sounds like a veiled "sugar daddy" situation, you might be right. The site's About page lists the founder as Brandon Wade. He is the founder and CEO of the websites, and, and indeed, those are relatively unveiled "sugar daddy" sites.

Miss Travel says that "we match Generous travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free."

At the same time, we have to wonder just how much an attractive person (let's be honest; most of the time this would be a woman) can expect for just appearing as eye candy for the "generous person." One would assume an expectation of sex as a "fringe benefit" for the person paying for the tickets, the hotel, the ... everything.

In the "How it works" section of the site, the warning "Escorts are not allowed" is clearly shown. How exactly that would be policed is unclear.

It's also unclear who decides who is "attractive." Since, however, the site is billed as a matchmaking site, just like any other matchmaking site, we expect that the people seeking a "companion" would be the judges.

You can watch an introductory video below.

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