Friday, March 30, 2012

Second class action lawsuit filed against Apple's Siri

A lawsuit against Apple for what has been called a flawed Siri feature on its iPhone 4S, one filed earlier this month, has been joined by a second such filing. The first was filed by Frank M. Fazio of New York, who is being represented by Robbins Geller in the matter. The second was filed by iPhone 4S owner David Jones in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The argument made in the new lawsuit is basically the same as in the earlier one: Siri doesn't live up to the claims made in ads or presentations. The suit says:

"Through its nationwide multimedia marketing campaign, Apple disseminates false and deceptive representations regarding the functionality of the Siri feature. For example, in many of Apple's television commercials, consumers are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants, and even to learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs. In its advertisements, Apple depicts these tasks as easily accomplished 'just by asking' Siri."

It's not that easy, said Jones in his lawsuit.

"Apple's deceptive commercials diverge greatly from the actual functionality and operation of the Siri feature as experienced by Plaintiff and fellow consumers. Siri would either not understand what Plaintiff asked, or, after a long wait, provided the wrong answer."

In fact, a recent survey showed that Siri users simply don't use it for more complex tasks very often. Most of the use centers around make phone calling, sending text messages, or looking up information.

At least some of that limitation in use is because Siri has issues with voice recognition.

Both the Los Angeles and earlier New York lawsuits seek class action status.

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