Sunday, March 25, 2012

Latest iPhone 5 rumors: fall release, LTE, same-sized screen, micro-dock connector

A short time ago rumors flew, saying that the iPhone 5 would sport a 4.6-inch screen, but the latest set of information says that won't be the case. As we know, though, with these early rumors, there is plenty of time for Apple to change its mind.

iMore said that Apple plans to stick to a similarly-sized screen to the current iPhone. The iPhone has stuck with a 3.5-inch screen during its life, since the original iPhone.

It already seemed unlikely that the iPhone 5 would sport a 4.6-inch screen: it would have meant a significantly higher resolution in order to have a retina display. iMore went further, and said that the screen size is not set in stone, but that even if Apple ups the size of the screen, it would be more likely to be a modest increase in size to perhaps 4-inches.

There had been earlier rumors that Apple was trying to pull the iPhone 5 back into a summer release schedule, as that had been the schedule for iPhone refreshes since Apple changed the smartphone landscape with the first iPhone. However, it looks like the iPhone is locked into a fall release schedule, at least for now, although whether or not that means October remains to be seen.

Finally, there's more confirmation that the iPhone 5 will support LTE. That's hardly news, as with the "new iPad" sporting LTE, there was little doubt that the iPhone 5 would carry it as well. That also points to an October release, as well: the iPhone is currently carried by AT&T and Verizon, which already have LTE, and Sprint, which will launch LTE in the middle of this year.

The final wireless carrier to sell the iPhone is regional carrier C-Spire, which has a September 4G LTE roll out plan.

Finally, the rumor about a change to the iPhone's dock connector is back. A "micro dock connector" would leave more space for additional components in the iPhone without having to increase the size of the device (again pointing to no reality for a 4.6-inch screened iPhone).

Still there are months left before an iPhone 5 launch. We expect the rumors to really heat up when the iPhone 5 launch is REALLY near.

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