Sunday, March 11, 2012

HTML5 Web app allows iPhone tethering for $30 annually

iTether inexplicably made it into the App Store in Nov. 2011, as a $14.99 tethering app that allowed anyone who downloaded the iPhone app and installed a Mac app to have unlimited cabled tethering. Naturally, it was booted from the App Store just a few days later.

Now, the company behind iTether is back with a HTML5 Web-based solution. As you probably know, companies have been working around Apple's restrictions on iOS with HTML5 Web apps, and Tether is doing the same thing. Not only does the service not require an app in the App Store (and thus, Apple's approval), it doesn't require jailbreaking, either.

To make it work, you create an Ad-Hoc network on your Mac or PC using an application that runs on your Windows or Mac computer, connect to that network with your iPhone, and then log into Tether's Web site to get your connection started. The company adds that their technology is patent-pending.

Unlike the Android and BlackBerry versions, the iPhone version is subscription based, at $30 annually (vs. $30 as a one-time fee). During the initial week of rollout (the new iPhone solution was just released on Friday) the price is $15 for the year, however.

At either $15 or $30 for the year, that's a huge savings over what you might pay for tethering otherwise. The official tethering plans for AT&T and Verizon cost $20 over the normal data plans, so that would be $240 annually, compared to $30 maximum on Tether.

However, AT&T has been cracking down on "free tethering," and it's unclear if Tether's service would able to "disguise" itself so that the carriers won't be able to detect it.

The iPhone version of Tether can be ordered here.

You can watch a Tether video below.

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