Friday, March 30, 2012

'Creepy' iOS app 'Girls Around Me' shut down after Foursquare revokes API access

A creepy --- and that's the way many are describing it --- iOS app called Girls Around Me has basically been shut down after attention was cast upon it on Friday, and Foursquare revoked its API access.

Girls Around Me WAS using Foursquare, the location-based check-in service, to determine your location, as well as the location of others. Once you start up the app, it scans the area for women who have recently checked-in.

Images from their social networking profile are displayed in the app. You can tap on her image, and look at all her Facebook information, as well. All this wouldn't be so bad if people locked down their privacy settings. Let's be honest, though, most people don't understand the privacy settings for various services and just leave them as is.

A very detailed report on the app highlighted its stalkerish-ness, and that was enough for Foursquare. They told the New York Times:

“This is a violation of our API policy, so we’ve reached out to the developer and shut off their API access."

Maybe it's a violation of their API policy, but we'd ask the question: when are people going to learn to lock down their privacy settings on these services?

Let's be honest; why does anyone really want to share their location?

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