Thursday, March 29, 2012

AT&T promises Nokia Lumia 900 launch their biggest ever, surpassing even iPhone

The iPhone was probably the best thing to happen to AT&T Wireless in its history. Yet the company has said that when the carrier and handset maker Nokia launch the Lumia 900 next month, it will surpass anything ever done before, including the iPhone.

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The Lumia 900 Windows Phone launches on April 8 for an incredibly low (subsidized) price for a flagship phone: $99.99. That price makes it the most affordable flagship phone AT&T has ever offered, and probably the most affordable flagship phone for any of the Big Four U.S. carriers.

AT&T device head Jeff Bradley said "At all levels, this is a notch above anything we've ever done [including the iPhone]. Before you walk in to the store, you know this is our hero phone."

Even with a new Windows Phone based lineup, so far only T-Mobile and AT&T have committed to Nokia. T-Mobile already sells the Lumia 710, but AT&T has been dismissive of the low-cost model, with Bradley calling the 900 the real re-launch of Nokia in the U.S. For one, the 900 will support LTE.

We've said it before: every app downloaded onto an Android or iOS device means one more reason that an end user won't switch from those platforms to WP. Thus, WP's best chance is among the still large number of people who have not switched to a smartphone.

Just in case, however, While WP has been playing catch-up with regard to apps, AT&T salespeople have been trained to assist customers whoe ARE switching in finding either the same apps or similar ones to those that they use in iOS or Android.

Bradley added that "We’re going big. We’re really bullish [on the Lumia 900].” But they need to go big, and on many levels, because not only does Microsoft's Windows Phone have its own challenges making inroads against iOS and Android, Nokia has never been all that successful in the U.S. It's a popular brand in Europe, but think back and remember how many Nokia models the Big Four sold prior to this: not many.

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