Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apple turns to Samsung for 'new iPad' Screen after LG, Sharp quality issues

Apple is returning to Samsung, hat in hand, as third-generation iPad displays provided by LG and Sharp failed to meet Apple's quality requirements, according to an analyst with iSuppli.

Samsung is already a key supplier of various components for Apple's products, but Apple has also been in multiple legal battles with Samsung over patents associated with iOS and that Apple says Samsung's Android devices violate. However, Samsung is the world's top flat-panel maker and is currently is the sole vendor of the display for Apple's hit tablet computer.

Vinita Jakhanwal, a senior manager at iSuppli, said the following:

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“The display specifications on the new iPad are very demanding in terms of the very high resolution. Achieving this high resolution without compromising on the power consumption and brightness and maintaining Apple’s quality standards are supposedly proving to be a challenge for LG Display and Sharp.”

It's been made clear previously that Apple wants to diversify its suppliers because of its patent lawsuits against Samsung. While Samsung is now going to supply the lion's share of the LCDs for the new iPad, LG is Apple's largest supplier of LCDs for the iPhone and older models of the iPad.

Jakhanwal said that might change relatively soon. LG and Sharp, assuming they fix their quality issues, may start shipping panels for the new iPad as early as April.

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