Sunday, March 11, 2012 is currently your best bet for an iPad 2 trade-in, with caveats

If you're looking for the "best" place to unload your iPad 2 as the "new iPad" launch approaches, the answer, at least for now, is, with some caveats. has a trade-in section on their site, where you can trade in things like electronics, videos, books and video games. As of Sunday afternoon (Pacific) if you were to submit an iPad 2 to the "search" box, the resulting page will show you that a wi-fi only iPad 2, 16GB (white) with a grade of "like new" will net you $320 from, or $288 if "good," or $236.50 if "acceptable."

That same device would only net $185 / $205 from (Good / Flawless), one of the most popular electronics trade-in sites.

BuyBackMac offers $220 / $250 (Normal Wear / Flawless) or NextWorth will offer $242 / $254 (Good / Like New, but in both cases including the original box; $10 less otherwise). Other than,, eBay has decent pricing, at $290 for a similar trade-in.

Why the big difference in offers? can, of course, resell the items directly on its own website, which eBay can do as well. But has a bigger advantage: it doesn't pay the price to the seller in cash, but instead in gift card credit.

That's no big deal for those, like us, who buy a lot on, but it also means that is assured to get its payment back in the form of later purchases.

We'll also add that takes its sweet time at "judging" a product that you sell them. Once they receive a trade-in it takes so long you might even forget you traded something in (we did).

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