Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day survey: 25 percent text their S.O.s 10 times or more daily

Texting has become so important nowadays, some eschew voice calls and instead simply text.  So, in this age, how many times do people usually text their lovers, daily? An informal and unscientific poll taken of 2,500 users of a mobile shopping app, CheckPoints, says ... quite a bit.

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While we can't figure out the connection between a mobile shopping app and Valentine's Day (and thus, this poll), the survey said that 58 percent say they text their partners "at least" three times a day, with 25 percent saying they did so 10 or more times daily.

Text messages aren't necessarily considered public information, either: over 40 percent of those surveyed said they had deleted a text message that they "didn't want their significant other to read." At the same time, we see the reason they did so: 42 percent of those surveyed admitted to checking their significant other's phone for "inappropriate messages."

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Suspicion isn't U.S. only. The results are similar to a poll done in January by a British website focused on mobile phone. According to that poll, of 2,000 people, one-third admitted to reading messages on their S.O.'s phone. 10 percent listened to partner's voicemail, and 20 percent checked their call log.

Meanwhile, 10 percent admitted to deleting text messages of their own to prevent their partner from reading them, and 25 percent admitted to flirting with someone they shouldn't have by SMS, while 10 percent admitted the ultimate ignominy: they were dumped via text message.

In that, they have good company. In 2008, Jennifer Aniston, the object of many men's affection, was reportedly dumped by John Meyer via text message.

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