Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swype beta finally delivered in Ice Cream Sandwich form

Going through Swype withdrawal because your Galaxy Nexus handset, being pure Android and all, didn't come with Swype pre-installed, and unable to install because Swype doesn't support ICS? Well, rejoice Swype lover: Swype beta has been released for ICS.

For those not aware, Swype is a software keyboard that allows users to trace (or swipe) their finger from character to character. It tracks those characters to spell out entire words. You simple move your finger --- without lifting it --- from "w" to "o" to "r" to "d" to enter "word."

If Swype can't figure out what you're "typing" then it offers up suggestions. Good Swype users can easily out-Swype regular texters, even those using a hard keyboard.

This latest beta --- and the software is still in beta despite being almost a requirement on Android devices that are not straight Android experience devices like Nexus devices --- includes downloadable languages for tablets and accuracy improvements. Head over to Swype's website to grab the beta for your ICS handset or tablet.

Still don't understand what Swype is? You can also head over to Swype's website for a variety of Swype videos and demos. You can get a rough idea with Basic Swype Tips embedded below.

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