Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mindless Behavior and Viddy team for 'Valentine's Girl' Production Pack, perfect for Valentine's Day

Mindless Behavior and Viddy have teamed up for another Production Pack, following up on the T-Pain Viddy Production Pack, which was the first premium Production Pack. Viddy is free in the App Store, and allows users to add customize their videos with visual effects, music, transitions, and even movie stars, and then share them through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

The free downloadable Mindless Behavior Production Pack allows fans create their own social media music video, set to Mindless Behavior’s new single, “Valentine’s Girl.”

It's a very timely release, considering Tuesday is Valentine's Day.

With Viddy’s Mindless Behavior Production Pack, users can customize their own 15-second music videos (the length limit of Viddy videos) including innovative special effects and, as the press release adds, "the harmonic voices of the R&B / Pop teenage boy band.

With the Production Pack, heart graphics, and a personalized message, "Viddyographers" can "send a Valentine’s Day shout out in a very unique way." Viddy wants their users to engage with social media and share their videos with all their friends and followers.

Mindless Behavior said, "We think Viddy's a dope app and are excited to give all our Mindless fans a chance to make their own videos set to 'Valentine's Girl' in our V-Day Viddy Pack."

Viddy co-founder Brett O'Brien said, “We’re excited to be partnering with Mindless Behavior. Mindless Behavior is the perfect band to feature on Viddy, particularly given their popular new single Valentine’s Girl and the teenage audience that is so active in our community.”

The Mindless Behavior Production Pack is currently available in Viddy’s marketplace and can be downloaded for free. The Pack can be accessed by downloading the Viddy App for iPhone and iPod Touch, free in the App Store.

View a custom fan made Mindless Behavior "Valentine's Girl" video sample, below.

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