Sunday, February 05, 2012

Coca-Cola bears set to trash talk during Super Bowl XLVI, 'live' online

Love the Coca-Cola polar bears? Get ready to love them even more today. Coke has a site (which currently sits in a redirect loop),, where you can watch two lovable bruins root on their respective teams.

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One polar bear will be decked out with a blue and grey scarf (New England Patriots) and one in a red scarf (New York Giants). As the game progresses, each bear will react appropriately for events. For example, if the Giants score a touchdown you might see the Giant bear react by raising his paws in the air, while the Patriot bear holds his head in his paws.

Meanwhile, visitors to the site will be able to not just watch the bears cavort, but also to chart with them. The bears will be "operated" by employees at Coke's ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. Not only that, television viewers will get a touch of interactivity, too.

If the game events warrant it, the Coke Super Bowl commercial will be altered to fit. Set to air in the second quarter, the bear whose team is losing --- one wonders what will happen if the game is tied and things are very equal --- will take a break from the game to blow off some steam.

You can see the version of the Coke ad that shows what happens if the Giants are losing, below.

And is anyone else besides us annoyed that in this day and age of YouTube so many Super Bowl ads are "aired" prior to the game that many of the best are no longer a surprise? Just sayin'.

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