Saturday, February 25, 2012

Apple nearing replacement of iDevice dock connector: report

In late October of 2011, a rumor flew around that Apple was mulling over a change to the dock connector design on its iDevices. The rumor has arisen again, and considering the current dock connector has been around since 2003, we really wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

Indeed it would be a pain for many who have all those iDevice cables lying around, but if Apple is smart --- or at least, consumer-friendly --- it will make the new connector work if an adapter is applied to the old connector. While it would be great if Apple would move to a microUSB connector like just about everyone else, we don't expect that.

This development is despite the fact that all major phone manufacturers, including Apple, have signed up for an E.U. plan to use a common charging port based on the microUSB standard.

Naturally, even with an adapter, not all of the accessories available for iDevices today will fit on an iDevice with a new dock connector.

The earlier rumor said the new dock connector would arrive on the iPad 3. If that's still holding true, we should know quite soon: Apple is expected to host a media launch event on March 7th.

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