Thursday, February 02, 2012

Android users most likely to have sex on the first date, one-night stands: survey

A new survey by well-known dating site might give consumers yet another reason to choose --- or not choose --- Android over iPhone: Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date than iPhone or BlackBerry users.

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One notable piece of information: the data was obtained from Canadian users, so there's always the chance Americans might strike out if they go into a first date expecting "something."

That said, in addition, Android users might be the biggest dogs of all as well. Android users are the most likely to have a one-night stand (55 percent).

Other tidbits of information from the survey:

Android: 72 percent of Android users have visited an online dating site, though not necessarily, while only 58 percent of iPhone users have done so and exactly half, 50 percent of Blackberry users.

BlackBerry users are more likely to drink on a first date. 72 percent said they would have an alcoholic beverage on a first date. At the same time, they are very romantic, with 67 percent of BlackBerry users saying they have experienced "love at first sight."

iPhone users tend to be more clingy, or at least seem to be. iPhone users will generally reach out, either calling or texting the day after a date, while Android or Blackberry users will wait a couple of days before doing so (which we always thought was a sort of "unwritten rule" to avoid looking too desperate.

Kimberley Moffit, a Toronto-based psychotherapist and spokesperson for said that iPhone users may reach out faster because they "tend to be younger and more savvy with their tech."

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We'd have to wonder about that, because Android is typically said to be the platform that's for technophiles, and that consumers who want something that just works should go to iPhone (we've seen plenty of senior citizens using iPhones, and seen very few using Android).

Also, iPhone users are the most likely to date someone in the workplace. Nearly a quarter of iPhone singles have had an office romance in the last five years.

To be clear, the study said that Android users were more likely to have sex on the first date, not that they would be sexier.

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