Sunday, January 29, 2012

School district bans Uggs to prevent smuggling of cell phones

It's no secret that many schools ban cell phones, because of the disturbance they cause in class. It's also no secret that teens will do just about anything to get around those rules (or any rules, really). Thus, we have the tale of the banned Uggs.

Uggs are, for those unfamiliar with them, that popular style of sheepskin boots that many wear. They are also loose-fitting, which is the key in this tale. They are loose-fitting enough to allow cell phones to be smuggled into school in them, and rather easily.

Pottstown School District, in Philadelphia, Pa., is banning Uggs and other similar open top boots because of that fact. The ban begins on Monday. Other boots that lace up or are tight fitting are excluded from the ban.

First time offenders will receive detention. Subsequent violations earn two detentions, and still more will result in confiscation of the phone, which is probably the most severe thing a teen can imagine.

Middle school parent Adrienne Beyer wonders why the few who break the rules have to ruin things for all. "I understand there may be a handful of kids that shove cell phones down their boots, but why does the handful have to ruin it for the other 600 students? But, I said to my daughter, 'It's a rule and we're going to follow it.'"

That's a question asked of many rules, but it's true: even if the wrong doers are in the minority, if what they are doing causes an issue, a rule or law must be put in place that applies to all.

Still, the use of Uggs is just the latest example of ways that teens have used to get around rules against having cell phones in schools. Earlier, some teens created a ring tone out of a sound that had been developed that virtually no adults over 30 could hear. It was the obvious answer for getting calls in such a way that teachers could not hear the ring.

It was also an example of how much trouble teens will go through to get around cell phone restrictions.

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