Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RC planes shaped like flying superheroes freak out NYC

The movie "Chronicle" debuts Friday, Feb. 3. The science fiction film shows the results when three high school friends gain superpowers (unlike Spider-Man, with great power sometimes comes great irresponsibility).

With that, what better way to advertise the movie than by buzzing New York City with human-shaped RC "planes?"

As you can see from the video, from the ground, it looks like you're watching Superman (or some other flying superhero --- or supervillain). Quite a few were fooled, as shown by images of the public taking shots of the flying "men."

One person can be seen using the rear facing camera of some sort of tablet (probably an iPad, based on market share), showing once and for all that indeed, people do take pictures with tablets.

20th Century Fox reportedly enlisted viral marketing agency Thinkmodo to design the campaign. While a cool campaign, we have to ask how anyone could tie the movie "Chronicle" together with three flying men.

While we've seen the trailers for the movie, the real clue comes from the YouTube video itself, which was posted by "ChronicleNYC," a great clue.

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Frankly, if we'd come upon these flying men, we wouldn't have thought it was connected to the movie, but we also wouldn't have thought they were superheroes.

On the other hand, odds are we might have at least have called the police to find out if they knew anything about "flying men in the skies."

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