Sunday, January 29, 2012

Network Spoofer for rooted devices can wreak havoc on unsecured wi-fi networks

If you have a rooted Android phone, and are attached to an unsecured wi-fi network, you could --- if you so desire --- drive other users on the network crazy with this Android app. The app, Network Spoofer, is free in the Android Market and has a 4.3 star rating.

It's been in the Android Market since August of 2011. However, it seems to just now hitting the popular apps section of Appbrain, which means a lot of people are suddenly picking up on it.

Did we mention it was free?

Since it's somewhat malicious, we'd have to think that it's popularity, as well as publicity such as this, whether wanted or unwanted, may end up with it being booted by Google. Thus, if you want it, get it now.

The app works by performing a "man in the middle" attack, tricking victim computers into thinking that the phone is the router, and tricking the router into thinking that the phone is the victim's computer.

With that, the app can flip images, change Google searches, redirect websites, and even rickroll victims' computers.

Notably, if you have security software on your Android phone, it may pick up this app as a virus ... it's somewhat malicious after all, and uses root heavily. Reportedly, it uses a lot of battery, as well.

Still, the overall reaction to the app is favorable, although we assume that's only for the people running the app, and not the victims.

We personally don't believe you should download and run this program --- seriously --- as we'd hate to be victimized ourselves. What it does show, however, is how vulnerable you are at an open wi-fi hotspot, which is why we are writing about it.

Lesson learned?

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