Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crowd-sourced 'Star Wars Uncut' video reaches 1 million YouTube views

Wondering if someone would sit and watch an over-two-hour YouTube video? They will if it's "Star Wars Uncut: the Director's Cut," which was uploaded on January 18. The crowd-sourced fan-created version of "Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope" has to be viewed to be believed.

The website began with the originators of the idea slicing the original film up into 15 second intervals, and asking for fan-made scenes, back in 2009. Scenes were submitted to, voted upon, and the most popular were selected for the compilation.

Although the clips had been previously available online previously, that was separately. This is the first time they have been put together into a feature-length film.

The full-length version of the film (embedded below) quickly became a YouTube hit. The @starwarsuncut account Tweeted "1M views in 72hrs! Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback." The film now up to 1,035, 612 viewings on YouTube, and is also available on Vimeo, where it has been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

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As noted in our prior coverage, the new film is a labor of Star Wars fan love. As each segment is 15 seconds in length, the "vision" of the different "directors" makes for a mish-mash of really cool ideas.

Whether or not there is a "Empire Strikes Back Uncut" is still up in the air ... and not being held up by "The Force," mind you.

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