Saturday, November 19, 2011

A thicker iPad 3, 4-inch iPhone 5 coming in 2012?

It's been a month since the release of the iPhone 4S, and thus it is now time for the next round of Apple product rumors. Seriously, though, based on the normal annual refresh cycle, we're only about 4 months out from an iPad refresh, assuming Apple sticks to that schedule.

iLounge has information from (who else) a trusted source. First off, Steve Jobs may be turning in his grave: The iPad 3 will, of necessity, be thicker than the iPad 2. It will be forcibly made 0.7mm thickerin order to accommodate a dual light bar system, which will be required for a higher-resolution display.

It's unclear "how" high-resolution that display will be, but we're guessing at least 2048 x 1536, or whatever is required for Apple to dub it a retina display. The source said the iPad 3 is scheduled for a March launch, in line with the annual refresh, although it could be "shown off" as early as January, depending on how things go.

Of course, this conflicts with earlier reports that the March release of an iPad would be an upgraded iPad 2, with the iPad 3 coming later in the year.

The source added that the MacBook Pro will finally get its redesign. Expect a new, thinner MacBook Pro to show up in 2012.

Finally, the next-generation iPhone will not be the teardrop shaped version that was rumored to be the iPhone 5, but instead have a metal casing, a 4-inch display, and be 8mm longer than previous models. Scheduled for summer of 2012, it's still in the engineering phase, and will support LTE (although we were almost certain of that, anyway).

A summer 2012 release would seem a little early for a new iPhone, though admittedly the iPhone 4S was "late." It's also hard to imagine Apple scrapping the teardrop design, which we heard was very close to production, but just not ready in time for the mid-October launch of the new iPhone.

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