Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Siri 'clone' Cluzee promises much, but delivers mostly force closes

You had to expect this was coming: the first Android app that purports to match the functionality of Apple's Siri voice assistant. Calling itself Cluzee, Your Personal Assistant, it promises a lot, and some folks are crediting it with a lot, but it's not delivering much --- except force closes.

Based on the press release and video (below) you might expect that Cluzee could be serious competition to Siri. It's not. It might be, if they fix the bugs. It's unclear if the issues are due to Android fragmentation (AKA many devices with different software builds and different hardware, as well as different Android versions) or just plain bugs.

Right now, however, there 288 ratings on the Android Market. 168 of them are one-star. Overall, it rates a 2.1, which is going to be hard to recover from.

It's also a bit disconcerting to see all the typos in their press release. A professional product should have a professional looking press release. The fact that it does not reflects poorly on Cluzee and its developers, Tronton.

According to the developers, Cluzee uses a natural language interface, and you should be able to say things like "How does my day look like today?" Yes, that sounds like something you would say to Siri.

You should be able to do something like say "Call Taxi," and Cluzee should be able to know your location via GPS and order a cab for you.

It has a lot of promise, but for now, it just doesn't work. Check out Troton's demo video below, then check out ExtremeTech's real-life video below THAT, and see the differences.

Personally, we don't believe anyone can build such an app without it being an integral part of the Android platform, and without cloud aspects that can only be provided by a company as big as Apple --- or Google. Perhaps Troton hopes to improve

We'd be remiss if we missed this opportunity: with so many bugs, Cluzee is really ... Clueless.

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